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Who we are

Our story

The Association of Educational Programmes ‘OpenEurope’ is a non-profit organisation based in Reus (Catalonia, Spain) that aims to help young people and adults working in youth-related fields to participate in European educational programmes.

Our programmes are aimed at developing communication, leadership and employability skills. Our association’s projects and initiatives are aimed at engaging educators, teachers, students and the wider community in projects that seek lifelong learning (LLL).

Our principles

Vision, mission and values

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a benchmark in the European field of training, mobility and internships for young people and adults, as well as in the promotion of interculturality and solidarity.

Our Mission

The mission of our association is to promote lifelong learning (LLL) and to enable the participation of young people and adults in European programmes. We focus our efforts on developing skills such as communication, leadership and employability, as well as supporting non-governmental organisations and volunteering focused in solving social problems.

Our Values

Our values are inclusion, interculturality, solidarity, innovation and sustainability. Through these values, we work to foster the self-esteem and capabilities of young people, promote coexistence between different cultures, disseminate the country’s culture and build bridges of communication between them.

Youth Programs

Travel around the EU and improve your skills


Unpaid training internships in EU companies and entities.



Training people from 16-29 years old to guide and reintegrate them into the labor market.

Currently not available

City bound

Exchanges of young people between 13-17 for 7 days to promote civic awareness.


Co-funded exchanges of 7-15 days for young people to promote interculturality.


Young people from 18-30 years old to volunteer abroad without requirements.


Unique information point in Tarragona on European programs and mobilities.

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Open training center

Language courses

Refresher classes

Courses for companies

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Vols millorar el teu C.V.?

Apunta't i aconsegueix gratis un certificat del servei d'ocupacio de catalunya.