Organisation of projects

Who can organise projects?

Any NGO, public body, SME or educational institution active in a wide range of fields (sport, social inclusion, education, leisure, vocational training, secondary education…) can organise and apply for an EU project under different programmes (Erasmus +, COSME, etc.). Motivation, a set of clear objectives and some guidance that we can provide are the only ingredients you need!


Erasmus+ is an EU programme that offers co-funding for many projects. Read the terms and conditions and a programme guide to learn how to write a project.

At OpenEurope, we believe that every NGO, public institution, SME and educational institution can open its doors to new opportunities to improve and promote its activities. We can help you prepare, write, apply for and coordinate any type of project in the youth field. Do not hesitate to contact us!

What do you need?

First requirement

One of the most important requirements for the development of a project is the knowledge of English language. English is the language that connects all countries involved in EU programmes.

Second Requirement

Projects should be well structured, with the objectives relevant to the priorities of the EU programme and the results, outcomes or outputs made clear from the beginning. Each section must have a clear timetable with fixed deadlines, allowing the duration and effective practical implementation of the project to be anticipated.

Third Requirement

Before the actual writing process, the international partnerships must be established with a clear division of tasks and responsibilities. To do this, you need to look for foreign NGOs, public institutions or companies working in the same field as you and with similar objectives. For those willing to coordinate a project, we advise to first participate as a partner in a project in order to gain experience that will guarantee an easier and higher quality project development process. In addition, each project opens the door to building new partnerships and international relationships that will contribute to future cooperation.