The Association of Educational Services “OpenEurope” is a non-profit organisation based in Reus (Catalonia, Spain) that aims to help young people and adults working in youth-related fields to participate in European programmes. All the projects and initiatives of our organisation aim to involve educators, teachers, professors, students and the whole community in the implementation of projects and programmes that seek to create a lifelong learning process. Our programmes are designed to develop participants’ communication, leadership and occupational skills.

In addition, we pay special attention to strengthening the capacity of non-governmental organisations and the volunteers who work to solve social problems. We help to involve all members of the community in our projects and activities, especially in the areas of civic responsibility, immigration, technology serving people or smart cities.

OpenEurope is accredited by the Employability Service of Catalonia as a guidance, placement and training centre to coordinate local, national and international mobilities and internships of VET students.

The association coordinates internships, training and mobilities of both VET staff and students in the fields of tourism, restoration, biology, audiovisual, mechanics, accessibility, marketing, administration and finance, non-formal and informal education and many more.

OpenEurope also provides preparatory training, guidance and counselling services for VET learners, VET sending centres and hosting companies.


Provide young people with opportunities for further education and employment; strengthen their self-esteem and skills in European society.


Promote exchange of experience and knowledge between representatives of different cultures, promote solidarity and respect; avoid social isolation and exclusion of immigrants.


Organise meetings and lectures dealing with historical facts. Spread and promote the language and culture and create points of communication and exchange between different cultures.


Promote healthy lifestyles, regular exercise and develop new methods, techniques and programmes for continuous improvement.