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Project description

Erasmus+ project “Applying Arts for Education, Creativity and Innovativeness” brings the capacity of 6 organisations – 2 NGOs, 2 private training providers, a university and a public body, with different background and expertise in the fields of formal and non-formal education from Lithuania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey.

Project objectives

The project aimis at encouraging creative use of literature and fine arts into non-formal and informal education and to equip adult educators and training professionals with hands-on methodology and tools how to apply them into the educational process.

The specific objectives are:

1. Develop a methodology and a ToT handbook for creative use of arts in non-formal and informal adult education

2. Improve competences and knowledge of adult trainers, educators, human resources professionals, entrepreneurs and adult learners in general how to use arts to provoke creativity and innovativeness

3. Enhance abilities of training professionals and adult learners to boost emotional intelligence in everyday business solutions and decision making.

4. Create a non-formal network of professionals in the field of non-formal and informal education to enhance international support and exchange of experience and lessons learned in the field.

5. Promote cross-sector and transnational cooperation between partner countries, educational and training centres from formal, non-formal and informal education. The direct target group are educators (teachers, trainers), tutors, who work in the field of formal, nonformal and informal adult education, HR professionals, coaches and mentors, and formal and non-formal training providers. In addition, the project will support adult learners who want to start a career in a different domain or pursue a new business endeavour.

Project results

• Methodology for applying arts and literature in education, creativity and innovation • Interactive manual for trainers of trainers to use the arts to enhance creativity and innovation • Database of literary and artistic works

Dr. Michael Brown

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