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Project description

ArteD arises as an initiative motivated by the need identified by three youth organizations from different European countries. Its objective is to improve work with young people and enhance their capacity to become a tool for social inclusion and a means of artistic expression. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the strong connection of young people with new technologies, demonstrating their ability to make the most of these tools in various fields. Likewise, art has revealed its essential role in our society, being a form of cultural and personal expression and a crucial tool for mental health. The fusion of these two areas gives rise to the concept of digital art, a terrain yet to be explored, an active discipline that promotes self-confidence and enhances the work of young people as drivers to improve social inclusion in youth.

Project objectives

The training of youth workers will focus on the acquisition of new techniques and strategies to collaborate with NEET young people, with the aim of promoting social inclusion and facilitating access to the world of work through artistic expression, especially in new digital formats. This approach seeks to revalue the artistic and creative potential of young people, in a context where the educational, leisure and work trends of the new generations are closely linked to the technological and digital revolution.

Project results

• Online training KIT for youth workers – which will be based on a set of Open Badges for the validation of the skills of youth workers in non-formal and informal contexts. • An online training game for Young Digital Artists

Dr. Michael Brown

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