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Project description

The year 1982, designated the “Year of Persons with Disabilities” by the United Nations, marked a milestone in cultural accessibility for people with disabilities. Despite the emergence of pioneering projects during that period, the path towards cultural accessibility has faced constant obstacles. The current reality does not reflect significant improvements in access to places such as museums for deaf people, as only a few museums in each country provide limited information in sign language. There is little effort to ensure that the world’s impressive cultural collections are accessible to people with disabilities. As European cultural heritage plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the European Union, this project aims to address improving access to culture for people with disabilities. In addition, it seeks to benefit current and future staff of museums, galleries, etc. Currently, professionals working in these environments often lack the knowledge and experience necessary to make their spaces more attractive and accessible. TARGET GROUPS: Art and culture lovers with disabilities Cultural professionals People with disabilities Other stakeholders, such as the media, decision makers and certification bodies.

Project objectives

The project has the following objectives: Help the museum better understand the needs of visitors with disabilities and implement the necessary changes and improvements in environment and attitude. Share best practices to improve the skills and competencies of cultural institutions and students to work with people with disabilities and improve their access to cultural heritage. Create collaborative partnerships between all stakeholders. Propose innovative accessibility solutions that allow people with disabilities to fully enjoy cultural heritage. Involve people with disabilities as advisors, co-designers and evaluators of the proposed accessibility solutions. Develop pilot projects that can serve as inspiration to other interested parties. Lead by example, raise awareness, stimulate ideas and invite third parties to act.

Project results

Museums as role models Webinars for accessible management The “curability” community of practice: a platform containing teaching and learning material on cultural accessibility VADEVECUM cultural

Dr. Michael Brown

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