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Project description

The ‘Inclusive Intergenerational Dance’ project aims to facilitate older people’s access to relevant educational materials. This issue is crucial in terms of the objectives and priorities of Action-EA, where adult learning and open education play a central role in Europe. Partner organizations have a strong interest in intergenerational arts practices and inclusive intergenerational group dances. It is imperative to move away from traditional models of adult education and move towards an intergenerational approach without distinction of age.

Project objectives

Increase educational diversity and promote inclusive modality, especially intergenerational group dancing. Train adult education staff with the skills necessary to engage people with fewer resources. Integrate the intergenerational dimension in the educational context of the countries participating in the project.

Project results

Reports illustrating the integrative role of intergenerational group dancing in partner countries: in Ireland: Irish dances, in Hungary: Hungarian group dances, in Spain: the Sardana, in Turkey, dances from the Antalya region, in Poland, dances of the Silesian region. The ‘Intergenerational Inclusive Dance Group’, a practical tool that will be useful in the work of adult educators. The joint production of a film that presents examples of good practices in intergenerational dance (ID).


Dr. Michael Brown

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