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Project description

The ‘E-PATTERNS’ project aims to support emerging NGO professionals seeking to improve their skills in information and communication technologies (ICT) and finance (budgeting, forward planning, product selection and use of independent advice) . The purpose is to develop strategic fundraising skills, crucial for the execution of social projects, through the creation of an e-learning platform. This platform seeks to improve fundraising practices and digital financial knowledge in NGO management. Fundraising, like financial education, demands a comprehensive approach, encompassing business techniques, financial analysis, digital knowledge and branding, all essential for the success of social projects.

Project objectives

The project will focus on supporting specific NGO projects in each partner country, also addressing labor flexibility for adults working in NGOs who face the “hop-in/hop-out” problem in relation to the labor market. In addition, it will focus on training low-skilled adults and developing their skills in financial education and fundraising using simplified ICT tools. This will be done by creating a step-by-step educational framework connected to the Open Badges system. The project also aims to support local incubating projects through preparatory fundraising actions such as crowdfunding, partnership building and budget planning. It is planned to develop a web platform that hosts a step-by-step interactive online tool to guide users in the target group in creating a fundraising plan. The platform will provide training and consultation, and the learning qualification will be issued through the Open Badges system. In addition, a self-assessment tool for the digitalization of NGOs will be developed, aimed at defining work areas and training patterns within organizations.

Project results

Self-assessment tool for diagnosing fundraising skills within a non-profit organization. Training units to support adults with low qualifications in ICT and financial literacy, as well as NGOs in updating their cultural operators through ICT/management/financial tools with podcasts to enrich the user experience Toolbox material training Guidelines for NGO operators

Dr. Michael Brown

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