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Project description

The project “E=MD^2: Excellence in Math Education through (e-) Debate and Diversity” aims to improve the mathematical skills of young students, while seeking to create an inclusive classroom. Through various methodologies for teaching mathematics, the aim is to increase the motivation of students, who often perceive this subject as difficult and distant from everyday life. Participation in electronic debates is especially encouraged, where students can express their opinions about what they are learning. This project focuses on inclusion, specifically considering mental disabilities, such as dyscalculia, which directly affects the field of mathematics. Materials are developed taking these considerations into account. In addition, to improve technological skills, online activities are carried out in the field of STEAM, with the aim of promoting the development of digital skills in students. Target groups include high school students and teachers, professionals and STEAM Vocational Training teachers, as well as municipalities, media and policy makers.

Project objectives

The objectives of the project are: • Pursue excellence in mathematics and motivation for inclusion • Improve the performance of students with disabilities • Raise the profile of mathematics teachers by sharing knowledge about mathematics and inclusive classrooms

Project results

• Manual ANALYSIS OF MATHEMATICS TEACHING METHODOLOGIES Database of good practices • GUIDE TO THE MATHDEBATE METHODOLOGY • Compilation of STEAM teaching units • Online course for teachers • Downloadable e-booklet with the online course for teachers • E-debate guide • Curriculum for blended course

Dr. Michael Brown

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