Exchange of Good Practices in Talent Management in VET

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Project description

Despite the importance of Vocational Training (VET) in generating a qualified and quality workforce, many educational centers and VET organizations lack the capacity and competencies to identify, retain and train talented students. Talent management is also recognized by the European Union as key to making EU companies “more competitive through talent and innovation.” The challenge in the rapidly changing educational and business environment is to develop a systematized methodology to identify and educate talented students. Furthermore, it is essential to train teachers, trainers, mentors and experts so that they can address various aspects of talent management challenges in and around vocational education and training.

Project objectives

  • Explore the situation and the main methodologies for identifying and managing talent in professional education. Exchange good practices and ideas on talent management in general and, specifically, in Vocational Education and Training (VET). Facilitate the creation of a network in Europe that addresses the link between talent management and vocational education and training. Get an overview of talent management policies and practices in partner countries. Observe the recruitment, selection, training, etc. practices of mentors, paying special attention to talented students. Explore ways to support talent from disadvantaged backgrounds. Formulate recommendations on the identification and management of talent in internships, with the result of developing a part of the “talent excellence seal”, in collaboration with the Europass mobility certificate.

Project results

  • • Country reports on talent management policies, their legal and political background in general and in relation to vocational training. • A comparative compilation of reports with conclusions (at country level) – • An exchange of good practices on talent management in VET. (institution level) – • A recommendation for an optional additional part that complements the Europass mobility certificate with a “talent excellence seal.
Dr. Michael Brown

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