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Project description

Gender equality stands as a cornerstone of the European Union, dating back to 1957 when the principle of equal pay was enshrined. Despite global efforts, led by initiatives like the Beijing Declaration, gender equality remains elusive, as highlighted by UN Women’s assessment in 2022. Discrimination against women persists, compounded by factors such as race, disability, and nationality. Migrant and refugee women, particularly those fleeing conflict zones like Ukraine, face compounded discrimination. To address these challenges, the education sector must bolster its capacity to support migrant and refugee women, fostering inclusion and active citizenship. Projects should prioritize innovative tools and training for educators, alongside promoting intercultural awareness. Understanding the historical marginalization of women is crucial for advancing gender equality, as is the development of inclusive teaching materials that harness storytelling’s power for social inclusion. Moreover, enhancing the capacity of education providers to serve as catalysts for change within their communities is imperative for progress.

Project objectives

The overall objective of this project is to support educators working with women from disadvantaged backgrounds, especially migrant and refugee women, to engage them in the learning process and improve their language skills and civic participation, as well as their feeling of inclusion.
The specific objectives of the project are:
1. Enhance educators’ professional competences to work with women learners to help them be more included in their societies by inspiring them with other women’ stories and using appropriate storytelling methods;
2. Increase the capacity of adult educators to teach languages to migrant and refugee women by providing them with effective teaching materials;
3. Promote the inclusion of migrant and refugee women in adult education by enabling better learning offers for them;
4. Raise awareness about the need for improving the feeling of belonging and inclusion of migrant and refugee women into their host societies and enhance understanding of the historical roots of discrimination and inequality;
5. Create synergies among actors relevant in the educational and cultural fields and other entities working with women.

Project results

• Conceptual background describing the concept, history and relevance of unknown and invisible women in Europe, with focus on migrant and refugee women;
• Handbook for educators, focused on how to apply storytelling about women as a triggering element for better understanding common EU values and promoting active participation of migrant and refugee women in lifelong learning;
• 35 stories about “unknown and invisible women” collected, digitalized and adapted;
• 15 lesson plans in partner languages and 6 in English, based on the stories collected;
• Online course for adult educators;

Dr. Michael Brown

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