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Project description

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact globally, leaving an estimated 20 million cases and around 500,000 deaths. In addition to the health crisis, it has generated a labor crisis that affects various groups, including low-income people, refugees, immigrants, residents of disadvantaged areas, people with disabilities, vulnerable women and unemployed youth. This situation has led the European Union, especially countries like Italy and Spain, to face not only economic crises, but also social crises. In this context of continuous change, it is necessary to readjust and restart our lives and careers to adapt to the new reality.

Project objectives

Provide psychological support and professional guidance in the job hiring process. Address directly to adult educators, psychologists and social mentors.

Project results

Training plans adapted to the common professional profile of adult educators (TOT) in psychological counseling on career change. Curriculum of online courses for the development of logical and practical resolution skills, available in 5 languages. Development of competencies and skills of 110 adult education professionals to become vocational counselors through short-term training and mixed student mobilities. “Online career change guidance” tool available in 5 different languages. Increased institutional capacity of 5 organizations in 5 countries.

Dr. Michael Brown

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