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Project description

This project aims to support teachers and promote inclusive education by providing digital resources and instructions to enhance their confidence in using technology in the classroom and creating digital materials. It emphasizes fostering understanding, acceptance, and empathy among young pupils to combat social exclusion. For teachers, objectives include improving digital literacy, search strategies for digital resources, critical evaluation of sources, and assessing resource usefulness. For pupils, objectives include developing empathy, understanding emotions, discussing feelings, accepting differences, and acquiring key competences and life skills.

Project objectives

Give teachers digital tools and instructions to help them use technology with confidence and make digital materials.

Help pupils (6-9 years old) understand, accept, and care for each other to stop people from feeling left out. Both teachers and students will play an important part in this.

Project results

A. A collection of digital resources with instructions on how to use them.
B. A storytelling platform where students can virtually simulate what it is like to be excluded.
C. A guide for teachers and students on how to create an inclusive school culture and support students with diverse needs both in and out of school.

Dr. Michael Brown

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