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Project description

Countering populism through the active participation of European citizens In recent years, populism has experienced marked growth throughout Europe. This phenomenon has become relevant due to the growing dissatisfaction and disenchantment of citizens with politics. Populist leaders tend to divide society, constituting a serious threat to pluralistic democracies. It is notable that many populist parties also adopt Eurosceptic positions, and vice versa. Eurosceptic populist rhetoric plays a central role in fostering prejudices and adverse images of the European Union. These images, designed by politicians and other opinion leaders, are part of a populist strategy. Furthermore, the proliferation of fake news and hate speech in digital media aggravates this situation, contributing to the decline of European values. In this context, it is imperative that social actors develop joint strategies to counter populism. The project will focus on networking, mutual learning, innovation and new approaches based on positive narratives. The advantage of EU citizenship will be a central element in these initiatives.

Project objectives

Help the education, politics, media, science and civil society sectors to exchange and develop transnational and interdisciplinary strategies against populism (networking in the form of a community of practice, through exchange, mutual learning and direct learning). Strengthen the defense of European citizenship and a Europe in which inclusion, tolerance, justice, solidarity and non-discrimination prevail. Promote the defense of the fundamental values of the European Union: respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.

Project results

• European Community at the service of social agents: creation of networks, exchange, mutual learning, definition of common strategies and stimuli. • Toolkit for social actors: higher education, in-depth scientific information, better understanding of populist concepts and strategies. • The We-Europeans web platform for adults; People who lean towards populism should be encouraged to reflect through a visually appealing, below-threshold approach without morally devaluing their position, concerns and fears.

Dr. Michael Brown

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