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Project description

In the 2018 EU-28, the EU Labor Force Survey reported an average of 3.4 million unemployed people aged 15 to 24, with 22.4 million people in this age group in the labor market . This results in a youth unemployment rate of 15.2%. Examining the specific statistics of each member country of the YSEP project consortium, published in September 2019 in Statista, it is revealed that the youth unemployment rate in Greece is 33%, in Spain it is 32.2%, in Italy it is 27.1% and in France it is 19.2%. In view of this situation, we were convinced that the social economy could be a way to address and solve part of the problem of youth unemployment. The social economy combines job creation and economic sustainability with concerns for equity, diversity and environmental goals. We believe that recognition of the true power of the youth community is essential to achieving social cohesion. We therefore believe that young people should take advantage of existing social entrepreneurship initiatives in Europe, which have shown that resources available in their local communities can be transformed into innovative social solutions to address youth employment challenges.

Project objectives

Promote a common understanding of the field of social entrepreneurship by exploring different concepts, formats and models of social entrepreneurship (social enterprises, cooperatives, social economy vs solidarity economy, etc.). Facilitate the transfer of good practices and ideas from social enterprises, strengthen community spirit and increase the motivation of young people to participate in society by creating a set of local social entrepreneurship initiatives existing in each country. Help young people with different situations learn how they can detect local needs and use their cultural and environmental heritage to launch a social initiative, by creating a European training methodology for young people, modules and training, learning materials and making them available in the form of open educational resources. Develop young people’s entrepreneurial skills to identify resources and business opportunities within the local community and improve cultural heritage, social and environmental skills, as well as basic and transversal skills, language and numerical skills. Share best practices and ideas on social economy initiatives in communities.

Project results

Blog and point of contact for local/regional social business initiatives in each partner country. Glossary with definitions of concepts related to social entrepreneurship. Collection of successful social entrepreneurship initiatives from all partner countries. Database of open educational resources (OER) and learning/training/assessment materials.

Dr. Michael Brown

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