Eurodesk is an information service on European programmes and initiatives aimed not only at young people, but also at all those involved in youth work. Eurodesk focuses on providing information on education, training and youth with the aim of offering easy and quick access to all those interested in the various European activities and initiatives. With us, you will find a useful and practical way to get first-hand information that promotes a sense of European identity, as well as a range of opportunities related to European programmes. The Eurodesk network consists of qualified multipliers, local offices scattered across cities all over Europe, giving young people the information they need, both in person and through the tools of their network.

This non-profit network was founded in 1990 and currently acts as a support organisation for the Erasmus+ programme (2014-2020). Eurodesk Brussels Link (EBL) is the coordinating body of the Eurodesk network. It ensures that the activities of the different national centres are in line with the general objectives and mission of the organisation. EBL assists the European Commission in developing and maintaining the information portals, in ensuring the quality assessment of the different national Eurodesk centres and also provides technical support. Today, more than 1,000 young professionals pool and disseminate information on learning and mobility opportunities for young people in Europe on our behalf.

Thanks to Eurodesk, you can enjoy information directly from the European Commission and other agencies with a similar status. In addition, the service also offers national information gathered from various sources by the partners of the participating countries.

You will find all the information you are interested in on the following topics: 

More than 35 countries are part of this information network, with over 1,200 offices across Europe. The Eurodesk network is growing and in Spain alone there are 54 official offices scattered throughout the country. We are the only official enquiry point in the province of Tarragona.

The European Youth Portal is a platform developed by the European Commission in cooperation with the European network of national organisations Eurodesk. It is a leading provider of information on policies and opportunities for young Europeans and those working in the youth field; providing information and opportunities for young people in Europe. We encourage you to use the European Youth Portal to easily find all the resources you need. This website contains news, events and articles with information about Europe and opportunities. Volunteering, learning, participation, culture and creativity, health, social inclusion, global thinking and the travel portal are some of the topics on the European Youth Portal. There is also a dynamic and updated events section that informs you of any announcements that might interest you across Europe. One of the most important sections of the website is the volunteering section: a separate section dedicated to the European Voluntary Service.