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Project description

The Autherapies project aims to conduct a review of evidence-based therapies for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). This project will focus on the identification of skills necessary to discriminate between different therapies and will develop a training course for people with ASD, their families and professionals in training and practice. Simultaneously, an outreach and awareness campaign will be carried out. This campaign seeks to generate constructive criticism in the European media and promote both the use and choice of evidence-based therapies for the treatment of ASD.

Project objectives

To improve the skills of people with autism, as well as their families and key professionals, both those in practice and those in training (including undergraduate and postgraduate students) when choosing evidence-based therapies and interventions , we seek to develop responsive training tools that adjust to the needs of users and their learning level. In addition, the necessary adaptations will be made so that any person, regardless of their limitations, can understand, navigate and interact with the structure of the website and its contents, in order to promote learning. The objective is to disseminate the existence of these training tools and form a sufficient critical mass of patients, families and professionals at the European level to promote the use of evidence-based therapies for autism. The aim is to contribute to the inclusion and active participation of people with autism in decision-making about their own therapeutic processes, in accordance with the standards of person-centered medicine, and to empower patients to manage their own health conditions. . It also seeks to promote the inclusion of evidence-based therapeutic decision making in the training curricula of health and educational personnel throughout Europe.

Project results

• Comparative index of evidence-based therapies for autism, online database and definition of competencies. • Online training courses for people with autism, family members and professionals. • Training for people with autism, family members, professionals and other interest groups.

Dr. Michael Brown

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