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Project description

The EU GREEN project aims to enhance youth participation through the creation of urban community gardens with an intergenerational approach. To achieve this, training resources and a course for youth workers will be developed. Subsequently, working groups will be established at the national level in charge of creating these spaces, in addition to carrying out dissemination and awareness activities on the topic. In this way, we seek to strengthen community commitment and involvement, as well as promote youth work in general.

Project objectives

Project objectives: O1. Create shared spaces where young people and older adults can collaborate, share knowledge and establish meaningful relationships through the experience of growing an urban garden together. O2. Promote community commitment and social interaction among young people, promoting mutual learning, a feeling of belonging and equal respect for all citizens. O3. Promote healthy habits and the well-being of all participants by providing them with a safe environment in which they can be in contact with nature and with each other. O4. Educate participants about the benefits of sustainable agriculture and empower them to make healthier choices for themselves and their community. O5. Provide youth workers with the tools, strategies and knowledge necessary to discuss environmental issues with young people. O6. Facilitate the exchange and transfer of knowledge between EU countries and establish a European network of urban gardens where dialogue, cooperation and the exchange of ideas on citizen participation and environmental sustainability issues are developed.

Project results

• More shared spaces where young and old can participate in community activities and greater awareness about the importance of these • Improve the mental health and well-being of young and old thanks to community participation and the creation of safe spaces • More and better offering training on the benefits of sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture • Provision of more and better training offers for youth workers

Dr. Michael Brown

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