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Project description

In the era of New Media and in this pandemic situation, we are constantly surrounded by all types of information, from political topics to advertisements and marketing, which comes to us without any filter other than our own ability to critically evaluate its validity. The Open Your Eyes project specifically targets adult learners and educators and seeks to improve their digital skills by providing them with tools to identify fake news and fight the spread of misinformation online. In 2020, when the situation around the world changed, we decided to update the objective and results of the project to adapt and follow the evolution of the changing situation with the pandemic.

Project objectives

“Open Your Eyes: Fake News for Dummies” is a two-year KA2 Erasmus+ project that seeks to improve the digital literacy of adult learners by providing them with tools to identify fake news and fight the spread of disinformation online. After compiling a database of best practices, the project partners will train adult educators who will in turn train adult learners. The data and initiatives collected will remain available on the project website for personal use and future reference.

Project results

“Check IT Out” database: a collection of good practices and initiatives that allows users to develop a critical approach to news consumption and unleash their critical sense towards this issue. 3-day in-person training for adult educators in English Methodology and Manual for the “Check it out” laboratories to help adults develop their critical and digital skills.

Dr. Michael Brown

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