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Project description

“The European Recommendation on” Key Competences for Lifelong Learning – A European Reference Framework”” (2018) defined a set of skills and competences to maintain a good standard of living, meet employment needs and foster social cohesion. This has been a key reference document for competence-oriented education and training.

In this sense, it is essential to develop the competences that will help young people in the future and soft skills are key in this process. Adolescence and youth are critical stages in personality development and identity formation. The social competences acquired during this period will be reflected in successful interpersonal relationships in adult life.

The project has been carried out with the financial support of the Cooperation Fund Foundation as part of the project “Cooperation paths – support for entities implementing transnational cooperation” financed by the European Social Fund in the framework of the Operational Programme for the Development of Knowledge Education.

The target group are youth workers working with young people from 15 to 29 years old”.

Project objectives

To equip young people for adult life, providing a basis for further learning and working life and to support those in need of special help.

To develop the educational potential of young people, promote their labour rights and active citizenship, neglected as a result of personal, social, cultural or economic circumstances.

Project results

The handbook “Together we can do more”. Polish and Spanish experts created a handbook with attractive tools for young people in order to increase their social competences. It contains prepared scenarios of activities to be carried out with young people and instructions for trainers.

Dr. Michael Brown

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