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Project description

The FOCUS project aims to provide foreign language teachers in primary schools with the necessary tools, such as digital educational games, to apply the ABJ (Game-Based Learning) method in teaching foreign languages to children with learning difficulties. . This project will improve the knowledge, skills and competencies of foreign language teachers in teaching children (6-12 years) with learning difficulties by strengthening their soft and transversal skills in relation to the inclusion of students with learning difficulties .

Project objectives

O1. Provide foreign language teachers with innovative teaching techniques, methods and instruments to effectively teach children with learning difficulties. O2. Introduce novel and innovative teaching methods, such as game-based digital learning, among foreign language teachers. O3. Train and update the methodology of foreign language teachers to teach children (aged 6 to 12) with learning difficulties. O4. Raise awareness among foreign language teachers about learning difficulties and their impact on foreign language teaching.

Project results

“FOCUS in Practice” digital database, which aims to provide foreign language teachers with the best tools and practices for teaching children with learning difficulties. Digital Educational Games, which will be a series of original Digital Educational Games appropriate to the age of the students (6-12 years), that foreign language teachers can use in the classroom. Training Program “FOCUS in foreign languages”, to train foreign language teachers in the identification of learning difficulties, teach children with learning difficulties to learn and become familiar with the learning method through games and how to apply it in teaching to children with learning difficulties.

Dr. Michael Brown

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